Top Testosterone Boosting Ingredients for Libido

Produced naturally in the testes, testosterone is by far the most important hormone in a man’s body. This hormone is responsible for sperm production, muscles mass, bone density and sexual desire among many other functions. Most individuals start experiencing a decline in testosterone levels once they hit 30, though other factors such as drugs, obesity, poor nutrition, and leading a poor lifestyle may have a similar effect. Low testosterone levels can have devastating implications for a man, with increased agitation, muscle and hair loss, as well as low libido being the most common.

Luckily, using natural testosterone boosters and proper nutrition can help manage the condition, thus restoring your libido. Eating right is considerably the best way to manage low libido and testosterone levels in the body. In addition to eating right, you can use over-the-counter testosterone boosters to stimulate increased production of the same. With the market flooded with many ‘test boosters,’ identifying the most useful can be a little tricky. With a little knowledge and understanding of the key ingredients in the most efficient T boosters, you shouldn’t struggle at all. Some of the main ingredients to look out for when shopping for the best testosterone booster for libido are discussed below.

1. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)
D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that acts as a testosterone supercharger in men. This amino acid promotes increased testosterone production within the shortest time possible (under 2 weeks). The best thing about DAA is that it also helps improve a person’s sex drive naturally, which translates to increased performance in bed.

2. Fenugreek
This herb is a ‘legend,’ particularly where physical performance is needed. The herb contains numerous properties that have a significant effect on a person’s sexual performance and blood T levels. Fenugreek is, therefore, a key ingredient in many T boosters on the market today.

3. Vitamin B6
With the body unable to produce Vitamin B6 (vital ingredient needed for T production) on its own, the only primary source of the vitamin is through the foods we eat. Fresh oysters and spinach are the only best sources of this vitamin. T booster manufacturers, therefore, extract the vitamin from oysters to help make the supplement more efficient. Aside from enjoying oysters, consider going for testosterone boosters with Vitamin B6 as an active ingredient.

4. Zinc
Zinc is the primary ingredient needed for testosterone production and sperm production as well. Zinc deficiency in men often leads to impotence, infertility, and a very low sex drive. Increasing your daily intake of zinc through supplements and fresh foods can, however, help fix the problem. It is for this reason each T booster pack should contain zinc as an active ingredient.

5. Luteolin
You probably may not have heard of this, but luteolin is naturally found in dark green leafy vegetables and colored fruits. Although this compound doesn’t have a direct effect on testosterone production, luteolin works by blocking enzymes that destroy testosterone naturally. This leads to higher levels of circulating testosterone in the body. Although the ingredient may not be very common in most test boosters on the market, it sure is an efficient one.

If you have been struggling with low libido or other effects of low blood testosterone levels, it would be best if you go for boosters with natural ingredients. This is the only way you can enjoy the full benefits without risking any side effects. Read our new post on the best testosterone booster brands for more great info.